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Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint. Whereas transparent watercolors allow you to see the "white" of the paper below the paint, gouache paint can be applied in solid colors, which allows artists to paint in layers from dark to light.

Gouache dries to a matte finish, which makes it easy to scan or reproduce electronically, since there is no glossy shine. Acrylic gouache is like traditional gouache in that dries to a matte finish and is opaque. Unlike traditional gouache, it has an acrylic binder to make it water-resistant once dry. It can also be painted on a variety of surfaces other than canvas and paper.

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SINOART Shanghai Co., Ltd. is famous China Art Gouache & Tempera Paints Suppliers, We specialize in Wholesale Artist Gouache & Tempera Paints. OEM/ODM avaliable. Holding companies of SINOART, Jinhua GOWIN Canvas Factory and PAN'AN Greentop Easel Factory each have a production base in Zhejiang province, while SINOART acts as design, selling, customer service company in Shanghai. Professional art materials & crafts design & manufacturing since 2005.
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What is gouache paint, and how is it different from other types of paint

Gouache paint is a type of water-based paint that is similar to watercolor but has a heavier and more opaque consistency. It is made of a mixture of pigments, water, and a binder such as gum arabic or dextrin.

One of the main differences between gouache paint and other types of paint is its opacity. Unlike watercolor, which is transparent, gouache paint has a high level of opacity and can be applied in thick layers to create a more solid and opaque finish. This makes it ideal for painting on surfaces that require a more opaque finish, such as paper, cardboard, or illustration board.

Another difference between gouache paint and other types of paint is its ability to be reactivated with water even after it has dried. This means that if a mistake is made, the paint can be easily reworked by adding water and reapplying the paint.

Gouache paint is also known for its vibrant and intense colors, as well as its ability to create a matte finish. This makes it a popular choice for artists who want to create illustrations, posters, and other forms of graphic design.

How do you ensure the quality of your gouache paint, and what measures do we take to maintain consistency

As a manufacturer and wholesaler of gouache paint, we take several measures to ensure the quality and consistency of our products. Here are some of the ways we maintain high standards:

We use high-quality pigments: We use only the best pigments in our gouache paint, sourced from reputable suppliers. This ensures that our paints have strong color saturation and are lightfast, meaning they won't fade or change color over time.

We have strict quality control measures: We have a team of experienced quality control specialists who inspect every batch of gouache paint before it is released for sale. This includes checking for consistency, color accuracy, and adherence to our quality standards.

We use a precise formulation: We have a precise formula that we follow for each type of gouache paint we produce. This helps us maintain consistency across all of our products and ensures that our customers receive the same high-quality paint every time.

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment: We use modern manufacturing equipment to mix and produce our gouache paint. This allows us to achieve a consistent texture and quality for every batch we produce.

We listen to customer feedback: We value our customers' feedback and use it to improve our products. If we receive any complaints or concerns about the quality of our gouache paint, we take immediate steps to investigate and address the issue.

By taking these measures, we can ensure that our customers receive the highest quality gouache paint that is consistent, vibrant, and long-lasting.

What are the various types of gouache paint that we offer, and what are their properties and characteristics

There are generally two types of gouache paint: traditional gouache and acrylic gouache.

Traditional gouache: This type of gouache paint is made with a combination of natural pigment, binder, and gum Arabic. It is water soluble and can be thinned with water to achieve different levels of opacity and translucency. Traditional gouache dries to a matte finish and can be reactivated with water even after it has dried. It is ideal for fine art painting, illustration, and calligraphy.

Acrylic gouache: This type of gouache paint is made with a combination of pigment, binder, and acrylic polymer emulsion. It is also water-soluble, but unlike traditional gouache, it dries to a water-resistant, semi-gloss or matte finish. Acrylic gouache is ideal for painting on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, paper, wood, or fabric, and is often used for graphic design, illustration, and mural painting.

When choosing between traditional gouache and acrylic gouache, it's important to consider the properties and characteristics of each type to determine which one is best for your needs. Traditional gouache is typically more opaque, easier to rework, and has a longer drying time than acrylic gouache. On the other hand, acrylic gouache is more water-resistant, dries faster, and can be used on a wider range of surfaces than traditional gouache.

Additionally, both types of gouache paint come in a variety of colors, and some brands offer specialty colors such as metallic or fluorescent gouache. It's always a good idea to research different brands and read reviews to find the best gouache paint for your specific project and preferences.