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SINOART box easel is made of solid beech or pine wood & plywood, combing of storage and painting functions, Light weight, easy to carry outside as well. With antirust shinny hardware, and real leather handle.  

The regular way to make OEM is have logo on product by the way of hot stamping, imprinting, laser print, or metal logo plate. Also, possible to make customized colors like natural, white, black, mahogany, walnut, grey, etc.

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SINOART Shanghai Co., Ltd. is famous China Art Box Easel & Cases Suppliers, We specialize in Wholesale Artist Box Easel & Cases. OEM/ODM avaliable. Holding companies of SINOART, Jinhua GOWIN Canvas Factory and PAN'AN Greentop Easel Factory each have a production base in Zhejiang province, while SINOART acts as design, selling, customer service company in Shanghai. Professional art materials & crafts design & manufacturing since 2005.
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What are the key considerations for choosing a Painting Box Easel and Case for different types of artists

Type of Painting: The first consideration is the type of painting an artist will be doing. For oil and acrylic painters, a sturdy easel with a large working surface is ideal. For watercolor and gouache painters, a lighter weight easel with a smaller surface area may be preferred.

Mobility: Artists who travel frequently or work outdoors may want to consider a lightweight, portable easel that can be easily transported. Some easels are designed to fold up into a compact case, while others have wheels for easy maneuverability.

Size and Weight: The size and weight of the easel and case are important factors to consider. While larger easels may offer more workspace, they can be heavy and difficult to move around. Smaller easels may be more convenient for travel, but may not offer as much workspace. It's important to find a balance between size and weight that works for an artist's individual needs.

Material: Painting Box Easels and Cases are available in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, wooden easels are sturdy and offer a classic look, but can be heavy and may require more maintenance. Metal easels are lightweight and durable, but may not offer as much workspace as wooden easels. Plastic easels are lightweight and affordable, but may not be as sturdy as other materials.

Features: There are a variety of features to consider when choosing a Painting Box Easel and Case. Some easels have adjustable legs or shelves to accommodate different heights and working positions. Others may have built-in storage for paints, brushes, and other materials. It's important to choose an easel that has the features that will be most useful for an artist's specific needs.

What are the key features to consider when purchasing a painting box easel and case for professional artists

For professional artists, choosing the right painting box easel and case can be crucial to their success. The ideal easel should be sturdy, versatile, and easy to transport, while the case should offer sufficient storage space and protection for their valuable art supplies.

Sturdiness: Professional artists need an easel that is durable and sturdy enough to withstand frequent use and travel. It should be made of high-quality materials, such as hardwood or aluminum, and should be designed to hold up well over time. A poorly constructed easel can cause wobbling or shaking, making it difficult to paint with precision.

Portability: Portability is a critical feature of a painting box easel, especially for artists who work on location or travel frequently. A lightweight, compact easel is ideal, with foldable legs that can be easily stored in a carrying case. The carrying case should be easy to transport and maneuver, with wheels or comfortable carrying straps.

Versatility: A versatile easel is crucial for artists who work with different mediums or sizes of canvases. A good painting box easel should be adjustable, allowing artists to work at different angles and heights. It should also be able to accommodate canvases of different sizes, from small sketch pads to large canvases.

Storage Space: Artists need ample storage space to carry their art supplies and accessories. A good painting box easel should have built-in storage compartments to hold paints, brushes, and other essential supplies. The storage should be easily accessible and should offer protection against damage.

Protection: Protecting art supplies is crucial, especially during transport. The case should be designed to provide protection against moisture, dust, and damage from bumps and drops. It should also have sufficient padding to protect fragile materials, such as glass jars or delicate brushes.

Ease of Use: The easel and case should be easy to set up and take down, with clear instructions and intuitive design. Artists should be able to assemble and disassemble their equipment quickly and without fuss, allowing them to focus on their art.