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SINOART easel & Storages are produced by factory with almost 30 years of production experience, in high quality standard of stability, durability. Easel is one of the most important tools for artist painting, drawing. We have different materials of wood, bamboo, metal. For wooden easels, we have beech, pine and cherry different materials, and different finish of varnish, oil, stain.

SINOART easel is also beautiful for displaying for shop, gallery, event. We can also make as per customized design and in customized colors like natural, white, black, mahogany, walnut, grey, etc.  

Possible to make your logo on product by the way of hot stamping, imprinting, laser print, or metal logo plate. 

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What Sets Us Apart

SINOART Shanghai Co., Ltd. is famous China Easels manufacturers, We specialize in custom Wood Bamboo Metal Easels for painting, drawing. OEM/ODM avaliable. Holding companies of SINOART, Jinhua GOWIN Canvas Factory and PAN'AN Greentop Easel Factory each have a production base in Zhejiang province, while SINOART acts as design, selling, customer service company in Shanghai. Professional art materials & crafts design & manufacturing since 2005.
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Industry knowledge

How has the market for easels and storage solutions for artists evolved in recent years

One of the most significant changes that the industry has seen in recent years is the shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Many artists and consumers are now looking for products that are made from renewable materials, such as bamboo or recycled plastic, in order to reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable practices. This trend has led to the development of a range of innovative products that are not only environmentally friendly but also highly functional and practical for artists.

Another major trend in the industry is the increasing demand for modular and customizable storage solutions. As artists often work with a wide variety of tools, materials, and equipment, they require storage solutions that are versatile and adaptable to their specific needs. This has led to the development of a range of products that can be customized and reconfigured to suit different requirements, such as modular storage systems with interchangeable components, adjustable shelving units, and stackable storage boxes.

The rise of online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms has also had a significant impact on the industry, allowing manufacturers to reach a wider audience and sell their products directly to consumers. This has led to increased competition among manufacturers, as well as greater transparency and accessibility for consumers, who can now compare prices, features, and reviews across multiple brands and platforms.

What are the latest trends in easels and storage for artists

The art industry is constantly evolving, and so are the tools and equipment used by artists. Easels and storage solutions are an essential part of an artist's toolkit, and they have seen significant improvements in recent years.

One of the most significant trends in easels is the rise of adjustable and portable easels. These easels are designed to be easily transported from one location to another, allowing artists to work on their projects wherever they go. Adjustable easels can be tilted or adjusted to different heights, making them versatile and easy to use. They are often made of lightweight materials such as aluminum, making them easy to carry around.

Another trend in easels is the integration of technology. Many easel manufacturers are now incorporating features such as built-in LED lights, USB ports, and power outlets into their designs. These features allow artists to work in low-light environments and charge their electronic devices while they work. Some easels even come with digital displays that can be used to reference images or display digital art.

When it comes to storage, artists are increasingly turning to modular storage solutions. These systems consist of individual modules that can be stacked and rearranged to create custom storage solutions. They are versatile and can be adapted to suit the specific needs of each artist. Some modular storage systems are designed to be used with specific types of art supplies, such as paints or markers, while others are more general-purpose.

Another trend in storage is the use of transparent materials such as acrylic or glass. Transparent storage solutions allow artists to easily see their supplies, making it easier to locate what they need. They also have a sleek and modern look, which is popular among many artists.